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How We Do It

Through our deep connections in the energy industry we have established relationships and obtain active pricing from over 90 energy suppliers throughout all deregulated markets. Our suppliers include top national suppliers such as Direct Energy, Constellation, Engie (GDF Suez), Champion Energy, Liberty Power, Hudson Energy, etc. as well as local and niche energy suppliers who specialize in specific market segments providing very competitive offerings.  

Utilizing sophisticated technological innovation, we have instant access to over a million transactable price points refreshed on an ongoing basis. We sift through vast amounts of data to find the best available products.  
Having served over 10,000 commercial and industrial customers across more than 90 suppliers, and across all deregulated markets, we have the knowledge, supplier relationships, and market resources to provide unparalleled service and choice to our customers. 

Our complimentary rate analysis service, enables us to accurately assess the energy spending of our clients and offer significant savings by scouring our vast network of national, regional, and niche suppliers across all deregulated markets, and procuring the supplier, product, and rate that best meets the needs of our customers.

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